Kymber & Jace


Kymber Lee


Jace Fox


September 13, 2024

Centennial, CO
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We’ve created this website as a helpful resource for all of the need-to-know details for our big day. Here you’ll find our schedule of events and travel information, along with some of our photos together and our love story. We’d love for you to take a look around to learn more about our wedding day plans. Don’t forget to RSVP and let us know about any dietary preferences, too. And finally, thanks so much for all of your love and support so far! We can’t wait to celebrate this special day with all of our favorite people.

Our Journey

Who says you can’t find true love on the internet? Jace and Kymber's love story is a beautiful one. After Jace moved to Colorado, they met on Facebook through a group they both belonged to where Jace hit, like on Kymber’s picture. The next day, Kymber saw a cute picture of Jace with her godson Jake and commented on it. That’s where their story began. They chatted for a few days and found they had a lot in common. Then they exchanged phone numbers and started talking every day, sometimes all night long. Jace would tell Kymber, “As you wish" a line from The Princess Bride, one of Kymber’s favorite movies. After a month of talking and smiling so much that their faces hurt, they decided to meet in person. But their first date almost didn't happen. When Kymber arrived at Jace’s house for the first time, she tried calling Jace, but there was no answer. Kymber was too nervous to go to the door, so she waited in her truck for over an hour. Finally, Kymber went to the door, and Jace's mom, Rita opened the door, came outside, and closed it behind her. Because Jace and her mom looked so much alike, Kymber thought Rita was Jace and that she had been catfished. But it turned out that Jace had just fallen asleep. Jace heard the doorbell and quickly ascended the stairs to meet Kymber. For their first date, they went to Chili's, and Kymber was so anxious she couldn't even look at Jace or read her upside-down menu. Kymber stared at a TV screen with football on it. When Jace asked what she was watching, Kymber said hockey. For these reasons, Jace thought Kymber did not like her, but the truth was that Kymber really liked her. Despite the fact that they lived several hours away from one another, Kymber visited Jace often. They spent many days together and eventually fell in love. But as time went on, life led each of them in a separate direction, and finally they stopped talking to one another for a while. However, neither of them ever stopped thinking about the other. One day, Kymber called Jace, and they started spending time together again. Soon they were laughing and having fun, enjoying each other’s company. It was as though they didn’t miss a beat, and the two fell in love once again. This time the love was so deep they became inseparable and spent every possible moment together. Jace and Kymber's love story is proof that true love never fades, no matter how far life takes you. "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's meant to be" ~ Proverb

The Proposal

Jace knew Kymber was her person, and Kymber knew Jace was hers. Celebrating their 5th anniversary, Kymber surprised Jace with a personalized video from her favorite catcher, Alex, and presented Jace with a ring to symbolize their love. Later that day, Jace took Kymber on a walk to commemorate their first date anniversary. They arrived at what appeared to be a historical building. As they traveled the elevator to the 17th floor, Kymber was perplexed. They exited and climbed up a flight of stairs. They were walking down a hallway on the 18th floor when Kymber heard their song playing. She noticed a pathway of rose petals and candles leading to a table for two filled with a vase of roses, balloons that expressed Jace's love, and a bottle of chilled champagne. Marquee lettering that said Marry Me was placed in front of the table, and a stunning clockface behind it. It was all so exquisite, and Kymber was thoroughly surprised. When Kymber turned back to ask what was happening, she found Jace on one knee, holding a ring box containing a beautiful ring. Jace asked Kymber, "Will you marry me?" Of course, Kymber said yes, knowing Jace was her perfect match. Kymber was speechless as tears of joy ran down her face. They were toasting their love when Jace again took Kymber's breath away and presented her with an adorable book that included numerous love declarations and concluded with "Will you marry me?" They spent a couple of hours exploring the beautiful clock tower, dancing by candlelight, and watching the sunset high above the Denver skyline. It was a day Kymber will never forget.

Taking Everything In Account

Jace and Kymber have spent time finding the perfect place to get married, and in time they have. Everything has fallen into place. They’ve planned their dream wedding, and in September they will tie the knot. They are excited to start their lives together and invite all of their loved ones to celebrate their love.

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