Lauren & Kyle

Come down the rabbit hole with us!


Kyle Johnson


Lauren Teegarden

October 14, 2023

Southgate, KY
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Swiping Right

Kyle and Lauren met on Tinder in summer of 2019. And while they could lie about meeting at the gym or in line at Chipotle, it makes much more sense that they were watching documentaries and swiping at the same moment in time.

Black Cats and Magic

Lauren and Kyle adopted Ozzy in June 2020 and Alice Cooper in October 2021. These fuzzy little pains completed Lauren and Kyle’s little family and will be featured at the Wedding!

She said “I’m cold, let’s go get sushi.”

On December 17, 2021 Kyle took Lauren to the first place they met, Lauren’s old apartment at NKU, and popped the question! Obviously she said yes and then they headed to their first date spot for sushi and lots of happy phone calls to friends and family.