October 10, 2020
Douglas, Al

Jacey & Kyle

    Wedding Day


Kyle Redmond


Jacey Scott




October 10


How We Met


We met in Huntsville on Saturday, April 8th, 2017. The Friday night before, my family and the Hill family went to Birmingham to watch Carlton play baseball. Kyle was on his team. When Kyle went up to bat his picture was on the Jumbotron. I looked at Rhea, and told her how cute he was. The next day I decided to go to their game in Huntsville, in hopes to see Kyle again. After the game we all went back to 2110 and grilled out. Kyle spoke to me first, and commented on my "cute boot". Later that night, Kyle did a few dances and the rest is history! I think its safe to say this relationship is the only good thing to come out of 2110 Wharton Rd.

The Proposal


Kyle started it off by telling me we were going on a picnic Friday (4.17.2020), since all the restaurants were closed (Covid-19). I didn't think much of this, because we went on picnics pretty often. I had to dress up for work, because Kyle told my boss to make me. She told me the news was coming for an interview (our news coordinator was also involved in the setup). During the day Kyle told me he had found us a new place at Monte Sano, since we usually go to Big Spring Park. We had fruit and talked about how far we could see (it was so beautiful). Then we went to "take a picture" and he proposed. He had gotten a photographer there, and both our families. It was small (thanks Covid-19), but absolutely PERFECT!

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