Kyla R. & McCoy J.



McCoy James Bila


Kyla Rose Parish

June 28, 2024

Custer, South Dakota
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The Beginning


After some awkward hang outs, Coy asked Kyla to the homecoming dance after a football game. Kyla responded "sure" which she thought was pretty normal. The next day at school Kyla quickly realized "sure" was not the correct response as the word sure was used in every conversation with her that day. Coy told the whole football bus about Kyla's response to his question. The two would still go to the dance together. Kyla wearing a two piece coral dress and Coy wearing a bright blue shirt. Quite the look. After the dance, Coy drove Kyla home. As they sat in his car outside on North Morehead Street, Coy would ask Kyla to be his girlfriend. This time, she said yes rather than sure.

The Proposal


Kyla moved to Minneapolis early due to a job opportunity. Coy knew this was his only time to make a detailed plan for the day he had been thinking about for months. If you know Kyla, you know she is always making plans for gatherings, parties, and knows about everyone else's plans as well. Due to this, Coy had three weeks before their college graduations to plan what became the perfect day. And that he did! Coy included some important friends to help him execute the plan perfectly. Toby - the photographer. Tony - the driver and who Coy would practice proposing to. Caela - the videographer, photographer, and emotional support. Garrett - Sadie's babysitter and the post-proposal coordinator. The day of the proposal, Coy, Kyla, and friends would go on an 8 mile hike - naturally. After coming back, Kyla took a shower and that is when the plan began. Caela, Tony, Garrett, and Coy ripped apart the bedding in their room to grab what they needed for the picnic they had planned that evening. Including 2 pillows which Kyla did notice were missing and was pissed about when she laid down for a post hike nap. After getting ready, Kyla and Coy headed up to Sheridan Lake for a date Coy planned months in advance for their last picnic in the hills. Earlier in the evening, Caela, Tony, and Toby headed up to the hills with the picnic set up Coy picked out and the florals he had ordered from a local florist. They would hide in the woods while they waited for the couple to arrive. Coy and Kyla had a picnic basket full of snacks they have had enjoyed together since their movie nights in high school. When they got to the lake, they begin walking through the woods to the spot Coy found earlier in the week. Kyla, wearing sandals, kept asking why they had to keep walking. A few steps later, they had reached a beautiful sage green blanket laying in the grass, covered with cream pillows, and colorful flowers. Kyla thought they were crashing someone's date as she carried the picnic quilt and pillows she packed (she is always planning). Coy led her to the stunning set up where he began to shake and stutter over his words. Kyla stood there now knowing what was happening and thought "lets just have this picnic so you can propose already???" Most of this was a blur besides Coy getting on his knee, sharing his beautiful love through words, and Kyla of course answering with a joyful YES. After a sweet hug, Toby popped up from under a camo blanket, Caela came running from behind a tree, and Tony came running down a hill. After the proposal, Kyla and Coy called her sister Miranda as they knew they were on the same road as she was driving the girls home from softball. Miranda, Emarsyn, and Ava were awaiting a call and wanted to meet them ASAP. The two cars would meet at the dark Dairy Twist parking lot where they would scream, hug, laugh, and cry. A moment that now means so much. When Coy and Kyla arrived home, a fire was lit in the backyard, with a bottle of California wine they had been aging for this particular night, and playlist Coy had made for the big day playing. Sadie came running from the backyard to greet them wearing a bandana that says "my parents are getting married". Later in the week, Kyla and Coy celebrated their proposal had a happy hour with friends. After that, they would gather with their families for a beautifully intimate dinner surrounded by lit candles and colorful flowers. This could not have been done without Kyla's mom and sister Veronica. The two families would sit around the large rectangle table laughing, smiling, and excited for the moments ahead.