Katie & Thomas

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We Get Married This Year!

Thomas O'Brien


Katie McEachern

June 20, 2024

Killarney, Ireland
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Now that you've all gotten the Save the Dates you can throw our wedding on the calendar and start planning your European vacation! We realize it's a far way to travel, and might take you some time to get there - but it WILL be worth it! Not just for our wedding but to get to spend time in Ireland. And golf for those that love golfing! We hope out wedding date is either the start of a European vacation or the end of it. If you need ideas - Taylor Swift just announced international tour dates lol.

In The Beginning

-Our Story -

We met at Fordham - the first time was brief since Thomas worked with Katie's softball team for a week until moving over to Men's Basketball. A couple months after the initial introduction was the staff Christmas Party. At this party Katie noticed Thomas yawn - yawns carry the punishment of 10 pushups in the weight room - she promptly called him out for the yawn and with the encouragement of the Strength Coach, he did them. Then their story began - Thomas convinced Katie to come out a couple nights later for his birthday and they got to talking. Thomas and Katie went through their travel seasons for work, during that time they continued to talk and get together when they could. Then a few months after Thomas' birthday he went out to San Diego with Katie and they've been together ever since