June 20, 2021
Miami, FL

Krystal & Amber


We're Getting Married!!


Amber Starks


Krystal Motley




June 20


How we met

June 20th 2014

The couple met in a very non-traditional way 5.5 years ago....ONLINE!! Judge somebody else. They were playing a dating game on the infamous Mocospace (yeah we were that bored). The answer to the questions had to be yes or no... As slick as Krystal was, she couldn't resist the challenge and answered Amber's question with a "maybe". This set her apart from everyone else...Amber was not use to anything other than the regular.. So the fact that Krystal was different, drew her close to her.. Through what seems like millions of text messages, minutes spent on the phone and on FaceTime, the couple fell in love. and well, HERE WE ARE..

The Proposal


This day was a 2 for 1 special. Amber woke up nervous because this was the day she was going to receive her Bachelor's degree from The University of Memphis. Krystal had a reason to be nervous too. The whole ride to the Fed-Ex Forum was tricky. Krystal had to conceal a ring box in her tight ass pants pocket. However, Amber had NO IDEA what was about to happen. The graduation went by quick. Amber met back up with her family and Krystal for photos. Or so she thought. While taking a quick photo and trying to determine where she wanted to continue the celebration, Amber was turned around to Krystal down on one knee. Amber became overwhelmed and the first words she blurted out were,"WHAT THE FUUUCCCCCK?" In a matter of seconds, she composed herself only to find Krystal in tears asking for her hand in marriage. Amber said yes. Flashed her BIG rock to the crowd and forgot to kiss Krystal through the excitement.

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