Krutik & Janki





May 4 - 6, 2023

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How We Met

The first time I saw her, we were both sitting at the garba in Edison, New Jersey. She was sitting with a group of people, and I remember glancing over at her and thinking, Oh, wow, she’s cute. Of course, she is busy too notice. I was certain I would never see her again. Call it faith; luckily later that night I went to get a bottle of water and ran into her. I was sweaty from the garba, and nervous to ever last bone in my body. After a few seconds I got the nerve and said Hi... We started talking, and then I asked for her number, and we went our separate ways. I was certain I would never hear from her again. I thought about her often, but eventually she faded into the ‘missed connections’ category. A few weeks later, out of the blue, she sent me ‘Happy Diwali’. We started to talk and shortly after we planned to our first date. As nerve wracking as the most First Date's usually are, we were meeting two days before Valentine's Day (so the pressure was more). I got there 15 mins earlier than planned and was nervously waiting in the car staring at the bouquet of roses. The wait was finally over. Usually, on the first date typically one will "dress to impress"; however, she was so confident in the natural beauty and no make-up. I was truly impressed. My respect for her was doubled. We ordered food and began talking. People who know me know my diet is very minimal; so, I ordered a veggie chimichanga. Little did I know it would be filled with zucchini. I forcefully ate, without a care in the world. We talked for hours and hours. Leaving from the restaurant we had planned to meet again. From that day on we still laugh about the Zucchini.