January 7, 2018
Wellington, FL

Kristin & Sal


We're getting married!

Salvatore Van Casteren


Kristin Wood




January 7


How we met

Physics for 2

We first met freshman/sophomore year in your typical engineering class, physics 2. He claims that he said I'd be the one he married the moment he saw me, but little did he know he'd have to endure 5 "nos" before our first date 3 years later. Persistence was key. A few dates later and I had come to the same conclusion he had in that class room. It's been a love and laughter-filled journey from there, with some one much bigger than us orchestrating the events.

The Proposal

Don't wait until you're old

With some well-crafted stories and excuses, I was convinced to dress up and rush out the door to a nice dinner on a Tuesday evening, of all times. His inspiration for being spontaneous? "We shouldn't have to wait until we're old to enjoy life." He took a quick detour to the beach to wait for the reservation, I was still not suspicious, we watched the sunset, and to pass the time he had brought along something unexpected. He took out our memory jar, a collection of our favorite moments that we had been saving, and read to me the newest additions that he had written like the classic, "that one time that I asked you out five times" and other sweet moments. After the jar was empty, he pulled out one last forgotten memory from his wallet: "that time I got down on one knee". The rest is history (and a lot of "yes!"s/tears).

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