Kristin & Michael


Michael L'Heureux


Kristin Carroll


September 16, 2023

Portland, ME
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How we met

Kristin was in her senior year at college when her best friend Lauren texted her to let her know they had a new manager at work. At that time, Kristin had been working as a server at Bertucci’s on her school breaks. Lauren had already graduated and was working at Bertuccci’s as well, so she would fill Kristin in on all the gossip while she was away. During winter break, Kristin picked up some shifts only to meet the infamous new manager Mike. Mike was hardworking, yet stern, so they didn’t hit it off right away! After working the late weekend nights at the restaurant, all the staff would head over to the bar next door that was open late night to unwind. The summer after graduation, Kristin was working every weekend at the restaurant and got to know Mike outside of work at the neighboring bar. As we got closer, we started planning things on our own. Kristin would come down to Bertucci’s after working a day at the hospital, wait for Mike to close up the restaurant, and we’d see a late night movie next door just to spend time together. One thing led to another and we became inseparable. Over ten years later and we’re finally making it official. We’re so excited to be married! (And to have an anniversary date because Mike never officially asked Kristin out back in 2012 :) )

The Proposal

It’s no secret that Maui is our favorite place. In February, we vacationed for two weeks on island. We were lucky enough to have both of our families with us for portions of the trip. On one particular night, we headed up to Front street in Lahaina to show Kristin’s parents the town. We met up with Mikes brother RJ’s family for a casual early dinner at Mikes favorite spot and Kristin thought nothing of it. After dinner, RJ and his family headed back home while we, along with Kristins parents, decided to stroll around the shops. It was an amazing yellowy-orange sunset which bounced off the ocean just perfect. We were walking by the park at the end of the Lahaina marina when mike suggested we walk in the park. Unknowing what was about to happen, Kristin’s mother walked off with her dad down the pier. Cue Mike’s perfect opportunity to get down on one knee, in our favorite place, by the ocean, at sunset, and finally make it official. Of course, Kristin said yes!