Kristin & Kanelo


Kristin Bellamy-Lloyd


Kanelo Leigh


January 12, 2024

Houston, TX

How We Met

All because they swiped right...

Their fairytale began in a super exclusive way, not everyone has the classic love story that begins on Facebook. They were blessed by the dating portion of the app just when we didn't think the Bay Area had any love to share. Kane experienced his fair share of maidens who were all their own version of unique that didn't tickle his fancy. While Kristin met suitors who lived in lands near and far, each who turned out to be jesters. Due to their unlucky experiences with others they turned to Facebook, which seemed like a safe space. Kane saw Kristin's lovely photos and thought, "she's someone that I'd like to get to know". After laughing at her corny, yet robust profile, he was further intrigued and swiped right. In the hopes of matching with her if she did the same. While Kristin saw that Kane listed "Upper Marlboro" as his hometown and decided to look deeper into his profile. Where she found two pictures and no answered questions. However, in the first of Kane's two photos she was able to identify that it was taken at the airport (one of her favorite places) and decided to give this capped gent a chance. That's when the magic happened...they began communicating via messages only to find out that their senses of humor work best in conversation. They strictly spoke on the phone and via text for 2 months and 10 days uncovering and discovering almost every single detail about each other. Ultimately discovering, that Love truly is Blind

The Proposal

The Happiest Day at the Happiest Place On Earth

Kane was back in the Bay after being on the road for a month long stint. COVID-19 hadn't quite been placed in its comfort zone and Kristin was taking weekly tests at work. The day before she was in a meeting where she was the only one wearing a mask. However, after working for a few hours, she was told that she was at risk and needed to leave. So, she took two tests and called Kane to meet her for his. She had no idea what was in store for her... After the tests were both successfully negative, Kristin and Kane had lunch where she decided that she was not returning to work due to the stress that the meeting and COVID close call had put her under. (Honestly, it was just a beautiful Friday) As lunch was winding down Kane said, "We need to head home and get ready for our flight." Kristin was confused, but excited and with rapid fire accuracy said, "For what? Where we going? What should I pack? Do I need a bathing suit? "Hiking boots?" To Kane's calm and easy response of, "All you need is a pair of shoes, lets go grab some." What Kristin didn't know was that Kane had been to her apartment, packed her bag, and even purchased them matching outfits (per Kristin's nature) and was ready to go. His only request was that she didn't cheat and try to figure out where they were going. So, he gave her noise cancelling headphones and had her looking at the ground throughout the airport. He checked them in, led her through the airport with her head down, sat her at the wrong gate, and provided her with the best tunes. All the while, she was texting her sister trying not to cheat. Until, there was a wrench in Kane's plan... The gate agent wouldn't allow Kane to sign the two of them up for pre-boarding without talking to Kristin despite his explanation. So, when Kristin arrived at the gate, head down, answering questions, and trying not to cheat, the gate agent forced eye contact and she saw the marquee. The jig was up! They were going to Denver...Kristin knew it! But, should she tell Kane? As advised by her sister, Kristin told Kane and he was shook. He walked away defeated. Until he asked Kristin the city they were going to and she said, "Denver". The smile on his face was pure joy and he put the headphones back on. Upset, Kristin looked at the boarding pass only to realize the airport code was SNA and not DEN. She had no idea what SNA meant and pouted a bit, but was more excited than ever. Arriving at SNA there was no signage to reveal their location and Kristin didn't know if it was a layover or a destination until Kane led her outside to the Uber. Kristin looked for signs and realized she had no clue where they were. Then, they exited and she turned to her left to see a bus marked "Downtown Disney" and she yelped, "Kane, are we going to Disneyland?" he ignored her. The two immediately dropped their bags off, ate dinner in downtown Disney, and went to bed early in order to wake up and be at the park at 8am (per Kane's instructions). After an amazing morning of using the Disney Genie app to skip all of the lines for rides, shows, and food the happy couple prepared to take a nap. Prior to leaving the park, Kane said, "You wanted to take a picture in front of the castle right? Did you want to do that now, or later?" Kristin agreed now would be best, since the line wasn't crazy and Kane waited patiently while Kristin explained that she hoped that people wouldn't be in the background messing up their pictures as they rudely passed and posed in other's photos. Then, it was their turn... Kane was fiddling in his backpack so of course Kristin dragged, "Kaaaaane, let's go please." As he approached her, she was ready to pose and already apologizing to the photographer when she looked down at Kane, who she thought was tying his shoe, but was actually holding a ring out and cheesing from ear to ear. There were words...but, all she could hear was, Kristin...love...my life...perfect for me...forever...I love you...Marry Me

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