Kristin & Justice


Our Happily Ever After


Justice Wolverton


Kristin MacDonald

May 20, 2023

Laingsburg, MI

How We Met

It all started freshman year of high school when our mutual friend tried to set us up. In anticipation of meeting him I was a little nervous and as soon as he rounded the corner of the lockers, I ran away. Somehow that did not scare him off and I eventually overcame my fear. We maintained our friendship throughout high school and reconnected sophomore year of college at the Lake Orion Fair.

The Proposal

What seemed like an ordinary January night quickly turned to an unforgettable one. We started the night with a family dinner, including my parents, Becky and Bree at one of our favorite restaurants in Rochester (not the first sign as we often have dinners with everyone). After dinner we wanted to head to downtown Rochester to see all the lights. In the car, on our way, Justice turns to me and makes me feel his pulse stating "I just feel like it's really racing" (still oblivious as sometimes he's a little dramatic). When we arrive, Zoe, Everleigh, Jacob, and Joey meet us and Zoe has her camera (didn't think twice as Zoe loves taking pictures at random outings). As we are walking along the sidewalk Justice stops us in front of one of our favorite ice cream shops, Red Knapps, which happens to be decorated with my favorite color of lights (Good Job J!). We are standing there and everyone starts taking our picture (at this point it was a little weird that every single person wanted to photograph us, but still wasn't catching on). Finally, when I realized Justice was no longer STANDing next to me but instead KNEELing I put it all together after a couple "what are you doing". What a perfect proposal with some of our favorite people.

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