Kristina & Ayden







April 29, 2023

Morrisville, PA
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Young Love Lasting


From childhood friends, to grade school sweethearts, to marriage! With so many magical moments in between. Ayden and I have been friends since Meridian Street as kids. Through life’s challenges we have always found our way back to each other. In 2018 we welcomed our first child, our Ayden Jr. who taught us how to love the new parent versions of one another. In 2019 Ayden stood by my side as I graduated nursing school. Later that year we bought our very first home. Soon after we found out about our newest little love Avery Rose. In November 2021 Ayden… finally proposed on our 12th anniversary. Ayden also started to peruse his plumbing education! In 2022 we are spending our days wedding planning, and balancing life. We look forward to seeing you all April 2023 on our big day.