Kristen & Thomas


Curved Lines

Thomas Coar


Kristen Munoz

May 20, 2023

New Hope, PA

How We Met

It was a typical Friday night summer leading into Junior year of high school. Us 'kids' were looking to get into trouble and against our parent's knowledge went to a 'get together' down the street. Kristen boldly approached the pong table with her opponent being none other than Tom, who in his competitive nature had beaten multiple teams already and was ready to take on the next. Little did he know Kristen would end his reign at the table sparking an intrigue. Who dare defeat the reigning champ? They started to talk until Kristen's night was cut short by shouts that her dad was there, (really her sister saying it was time to come home). Fast forward a few days and through friends, numbers were exchanged. And so began a friendship, that turned into a best friendship... and you know the rest!

The Proposal

Tom, Kristen, and Aspen packed up for a little weekend trip to Virginia to visit Tom's brother, Max, his wife, Katie, and their pup (Aspen's best friend) Lily. Saturday, November 11, 2021, brisk but not too cold and a little overcast, it was a beautiful day to take a walk around the Washington monuments before brunch. Along the walk they came across an ethereal garden with weeping willows and a foot bridge to the Constitution Pond behind the Washington Monument. Max's photography hobby came in handy because it wasn't out of the ordinary for him to take pictures with his nice camera. Tom found the perfect spot leading Kristen over to pose for a couple's photo and after a few pictures he knelt down on one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring. With tears in both their eyes he and huge smiles he said, "I love you and you are my best friend; will you marry me?" she said YES!

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