Kristen & Court





October 12, 2024

Newport, RI
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Our Love Story


Picture this: A chilly Fall evening in New Bedford, seagulls zestfully hovering overhead. Court is standing outside the PlayArcade nervously awaiting Kristen's arrival, a pack of Orbit gum with a playful note in hand. Meanwhile Kristen, making her grueling 80-minute drive from Framingham, was eagerly anticipating her chance to be in the same place as Court, finally! If it weren't for some slightly aggressive coaxing to chat on the phone just weeks previous, these two may never have met. You see, despite the novelesque text conversations, mutual attraction, the desire to chat daily and Kristen's many attempts to meet up, Court was awaiting one final piece to the puzzle. Being slightly impatient and equally as intuitive, she cold called Kristen one brave evening because they hadn’t heard each others voices and Court was not meeting up without that confirmation! They shared an instant connection with constant communication and the desire to know each other was clear, there was just one thing...what if Kristen sounded like Kermit the Frog or wasn’t a Kristen at all?! That would be a real deal breaker, so, Court called Kristen and so began the dynamic of Boss and Major; we know who is who. Admittedly, Kristen almost didn’t answer in sheer nervousness but decided to on the final ring and good thing she did! They often reflect on how the early stages of their relationship truly nurtured the well-rounded foundation they share today. Based on communication, trust and patience they continued to learn about themselves just as much as they confided in each other. About a week later a date was planned, instantly reconfirming what they had known was already an undeniable connection neither had ever conceived. Hours passed by that evening, in what felt like minutes, and they found it impossible to leave one another. With the energetic pull, mutual attraction and never-ending conversation paired with the tour de New Bedford that Court led, it was clear the two didn’t want the night to end. From that moment on these beings were inseparable, craving their next moments together: always dedicated to nurturing and honoring their deeply shared connection. That was the beginning of their love story, they were magnetized, drawn to each other in such an indescribably beautiful way; they found home in one another. Fast forward to those late-night conversations and weekend rendezvous, where the couple soon discovered just how closely they had been orbiting each other. Once complete strangers, now feeling as if they had known each other for a lifetime, it was even more wild to learn that at any moment they could've been in the same place at the same time! Maybe sharing a glance at Jack's Abby in Framingham where Court spent time with friends and Kristen lived in the building across the street; Or when Court resided in Bellingham, little did she know Kristen’s parents would later be her neighbors; to crossing paths in line at Natick Mall Starbucks; hiking the same mountain when Court lived and Kristen was stationed in Arizona, or dancing the night away in Western MA where Court frequented and Kristen went to college. It was all so kismet, full of potential close calls…but not quite yet! Present day: All those missed connections and dreaded goodbyes are no longer as they embark on yet another chapter in their journey together. Court and Kristen have celebrated several wonderful years full momentous adventures such as their Hawaiin engagement, triumphed throughout emotional hardships with the loss of loved ones, achieved great success in career and continue to build a strong foundation in their beautiful home with their fur babies. They devote to love each other passionately and unconditionally, forever and a day.

See you in October!


We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter of our lives with you. xoxo, Court & Kristen