Kristen & Brent

    Day Of Details

We're *FINALLY* getting married


Kristen Rutherford


Brent Tucker

October 28, 2023

Abilene, TX

How We Met

When work comes home...

Kristen and Brent were set up by Brent's supervisor, Kem Lechuga, who was like a second mom to Kristen. Kem told Brent she had a girl for him to meet and while Brent and Kristen worked in the same building, they had never seen each other. Phone numbers were exchanged and Brent and Kristen talked a few times before they both reluctantly went on their blind date. Kristen had a crazy day leading up to their date, and almost canceled. Kristen jokes that Brent is lucky she showed up. They met at Taylor County Taphouse in Abilene. They sat on the patio and enjoyed conversation, food, and a few adult beverages together. This night began the road to October 28, 2023. Brent and Kristen love traveling together, spending time with friends and family, going out to eat at new places, finding a patio with drinks, going to movies, and concerts. Brent and Kristen love going to concerts together and music is the bond that continues as they grow their relationship together daily. They look forward to their future together of planning concerts, trips, and adventures.

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