Kristen & Brandon


Brandon Hendrickson


Kristen Foley

South Bend


July 15

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How We Met

A "CrAzY" Story of How Our Love Came to Be

Brandon and I met at a very dark time in both of our lives. We were both scared, unsure of our future selves, lost and feeling alone. There was very little light in my life on the day we met. But when I looked up from my dark, sad world, and saw Brandon standing in front of me, I felt instant comfort. An overwhelming peace and calm came over me. We became friends instantly but I always knew I wanted more. So did Brandon. We haven't left each other's side since. Through the thick and the thin we never gave up on our love for one another. We are so blessed to have this special day together! And we are so excited to have you be a part of the memories!

The love I have for you

When I first met Kristen, I was in a dark spot, unsure what my next step was. I was scared, lost, and felt no hope. When I looked over and saw Kristen, I knew I needed to talk to her. As time progressed, we grew closer, getting to know each other better, while being there to comfort each other. I fell in love with her immediately and knew I had met my soul mate. I am so excited to be apart of your life, and so thankful to have you in mine. ~Brandon