Krista & Patrick

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Patrick Ellis


Krista Scott


The Woodlands


October 7


Where it all began

September 13, 2017 to Forever

We met in 2017 in our Junior year high school Law Enforcement class. In that class, we were split up into groups that we would be working with all year long. Patrick and I were placed into the same group to work with. He decided to be clever and be the one member of the team to create the group chat so he could get my phone number. At first, our conversations were about class-related things and then he asked me to go to the State Fair of Texas with him. We had a lovely day at the fair and rode the Ferris Wheel together. I thought to myself how special would it be to one day get engaged at this very spot to this man. We went through a series of ups and downs, but could never stray too far from each other. Despite every challenge life has thrown at us, we have used it as an opportunity to grow closer to each other. All those years ago we could have never imagined we would be engaged in October of 2021 in that very same spot we had our first date. We feel so blessed to have found each other and we can not wait to celebrate our love with you! We are ready for our Happily Ellis After!

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