May 4, 2023
San Antonio, TX

Krissy & Jimi


05. 04. 23

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Jimi Perez


Krissy Binger

San Antonio


May 4


Our Florida "documentary" when we got engaged*. ♥ *starts at 5:12

How He Asked

September 18, 2021

Krissy and Jimi were on vacation in Destin, Florida and as the sun was setting, they wandered out into the water to take some cool photos. Their friend Hope took the camera and they started taking cute photos together in the sunset. Hope took a picture of them holding hands(the photo on the top of this website). You can see Jimi's left hand is clenched in the photo because he had the ring in it. While they took the photo, Jimi said, "How about we take a picture of me asking you to marry me?". Krissy turned towards him and he is down on one knee with the ring in his hand! Krissy could not believe it because her and Jimi are the worst at keeping secrets. Krissy said, "SHUT UP!". Jimi said, "Are you going to say 'yes' or what?" and Krissy said "Yes" through happy tears.

How They Met

April 2015

Krissy was 3 years into her career at H-E-B and transferred to a brand new bbq/bar concept at a different H-E-B. A gentleman named Jimi happened to be hired to that same location. Jimi tried talking to this Krissy girl, but she “blew him off” as Jimi would say. 😏 Fun fact: this Krissy girl was in a relationship when she met this Jimi guy. Fast forward through 2015, as newly single Krissy is chasing this uncatchable Jimi. 2016….2017….Krissy is running out of breath. In 2019, Krissy and Jimi moved in together. They brought a corgi named Gizmo into the family to join Gunnar. Krissy told Jimi, “don’t buy a ring until we get a house”. They bought their first home in January 2021. Became engaged in September 2021. Then came second corgi Koda to join the family. And they all lived happily ever after.

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