Patrick & Kayla


We're getting married!

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Patrick Blankenship


Kayla Koch

November 18, 2023

East Bernard, TX

It Started When...

First comes school, then comes cats.

We originally met back in the 5th grade but did not really become friends until we both had the same 7th grade algebra class. Never will I forget the day Patrick tried to make small talk and ask for my social security number (he didn't get it). We both ran track and cross country so we were always around each other. Then jump forward a few years to Sophomore year of college (2017). We got back in touch and started catching up on life and what was new, next thing you know we were at Texas A&M for midnight yell and an Aggie football game. We have been together ever since and now living together with our 6 loving snack named cats (Twinkie, Little Debbie, Cosmic, Miss Swiss, Biscuit and Jackson (aka Honey Bun), we could not be loving life more.

The Proposal

Then comes marriage

For those that do not know about the proposal, it was definitely one in a million. It ultimately took 6 weeks for me to find the ring. The reason you might be wondering; the ring was none other on our cat, Moonpie's, collar for the entire 6 weeks and I failed to notice it. We walk our cats and Patrick would freak out whenever I would take Moonpie out for walks because he still had the ring on his collar and was afraid it would get lost in our yard. It's all super funny now that I look back on it. Patrick would continue to drop hints constantly that I had a surprise in the house but I was oblivious and ended up just giving up. Fast forward to the end of the 6 week period, Patrick gave me a hint which was a list of ingredients to something. I had no idea what it meant but all I remember was cocoa was listed on so it had something to do with chocolate. I proceeded to dig through all of our cabinet space looking for anything with cocoa. I did end up finding the snack that was hidden on a top shelf (go figure). It was a box of Moonpie's which led me to our cat, Moonpie, and then ta da the ring was found! This proposal was also special for another reason. Moonpie was our first cat together as a couple; our first fur baby. He suddenly passed away a few months after the proposal. As you can imagine we were extremely devastated by the loss of our boy. In the end though I would not have wanted to have this proposal happen any other way. Knowing he will be forever apart of that is what makes it even more special.