Kylie & Ryan

We're Getting Married!

Watercolor Highlight

Kylie Messier


Ryan Powell

September 9, 2023

Wintergreen, VA
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How We Met

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

Kylie and Ryan met in a classic love tale, a tale as old as time… the world of competitive coed soccer on the beautifully manicured artificial turf fields of Northern Virginia. Ryan would occasionally be invited to play as a guest on his best friend’s coed soccer team, and after a few months as a guest player, Ryan soon decided he wanted to become a permanent player on the team. Was it simply that Ryan fell back in love with the sport? Maybe he felt he still had some competitive energy flowing and wasn’t ready to hang up his cleats? Or was it just a random coincidence (or fate) that Ryan pressed for the invite to become a full-time member of this team- a team which was co-captained by a beautiful blonde girl, who Ryan discovered just so happened to be a fan of his favorite sports team, Liverpool FC. For a year, Ryan would often share (and probably bore) his friends with stories about his favorite night of the week, coed soccer night. He disclosed how another night passed by without saying much of anything to Kylie besides, “hey, nice pass” and how she never seemed to look his way… certainly never communicating an interest in her, the exact type of girl he’d always imagined himself with. However, one brave night, Ryan finally decided (after a year of showcasing his immaculate skills on the soccer field) to take the initiative to ask Kylie out on a date. Kylie, without hesitation, obviously agreed. They went out in the big city - it was such a memorable night, Kylie immediately fell head over heels, and they’ve lived happily ever after since… Or at least that’s how it went according to Ryan. In reality, Kylie asked Ryan out first! She invited him to the local pub to watch their favorite team Liverpool FC play in the European Cup Championship. (This is when he really thought, she really is my dream girl.) Despite Liverpool losing in a heartbreaking loss, Kylie and Ryan still had a blast, felt an immediate connection towards one another, and they began dating soon after. 7 years of dating, hundreds of Liverpool games watched together, 30+ weddings attended, 1 house and 1 life changing Shiba puppy princess later, Ryan and Kylie (now known affectionately by their friends as team KyRy) invite their closest family and friends to join them on September 8th and 9th for a long-awaited celebration and exchange of their love.