Kit & Sarah

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Sarah Beaulac


Katherine Skoog

July 13, 2024

Charlevoix, MI
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All it Took Was a Dad Joke

"Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded in France? De brie was everywhere!"

Their story began while looking for a match on an online dating app. While swiping, Kit came across Sarah's dating profile and couldn't help but think Sarah was 100% out of her league. She also noticed Sarah had a cat, which is usually a swipe no for her due to being allergic. However Kit threw caution to the wind and swiped yes. On Sarah’s end, she saw Kit’s profile and thought she was cute but the thing that sealed the deal for Sarah was Kit’s favorite dad joke which was posted on her profile. They matched and started talking, feeling an instant connection to each other. After two weeks of conversation, they decided to meet up in person for their first date. There they continued to chat and charm each other. After that date Kit knew Sarah was different and even told some people “I think I found my one”

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