Kirsten & Daniel

    Our Favorite People

Our Favorite People

Rachel Perkins

Matron of Honor

Little sister to the bride and her BFF since... well once they actually started liking each other ;)

Ben Flurer

Best Man

The groom's big brother and former roomie

Beth Hawkinson


Bride's best friend and roomie of 7 years (no common law marriage here) who has become a member of the Gleason family over the years.

Nathan Flurer


The groom's other big brother

Patrick McLaughlin (Uncle Pat)


Uncle of the bride and the baby of the McLaughlin family. The funniest guy you'll ever meet and best beer connoisseur. Don't let his humor fool you though, he has a big heart too!

Leo Flurer

Ring Bearer

The first nephew in the family and whom we adore, even if Uncle Ben is his favorite! He is also the perfect big brother to his little brother, Jack (or in Leo's words: he's my friend).

Leonidas "Leo" Perkins

Ring Bearer

The first nephew on the Gleason side. The other half to his twin sister, Abigail. Yes, we got double the fun at once! Aaaaand yes, we have two Leo's as nephews.

Abigail Perkins

Flower Girl

Our only niece whom we also love and adore to pieces. Obviously, the other half of the twins. She is the snuggliest out of all the nieces and nephews so far and we take as many as we can get!