Kinsey & Jason

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Jason Shoemaker


Kinsey Oetjen


November 11, 2023

Hermann, MO
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How We Met


Well, how does anyone meet these days? 😉 We “met” on the Facebook Dating App and after about 2 weeks of talking regularly and both deciding that neither of us were serial killers, we went on a date at La Catrina for our favorite drink, margaritas.🍹It was a super fun date and we clicked right away! At the end of our date, we walked to our cars together…but there was one problem…Jason’s car was not where he parked it! After looking around, we realized that Jason’s car had been towed! Jason called the towing company; they confirmed his car had been towed and he could pick it up the next day. Even though Jason loves to tell people that I didn’t even offer him a ride, I did offer! I just think he could tell that I didn’t really mean it. Being that I watch a lot of Dateline, I have a strict rule of not being alone on a first date at any point. Jason ended up calling an Uber and I left him standing on the restaurant sidewalk thinking “I bet this dude doesn’t even have a car and this is his way of pretending he does.” 😂 After picking up his car and paying over $400 the next day, Jason texted me saying “Well, you’re officially the most expensive date that I have ever had.” Later, he told me I was well worth it. I suppose the rest is history 🥰

The Proposal


We had planned on going camping for the weekend, so we had both taken the day off. We spent the morning just hanging out and everything seemed completely normal. I had asked Jason a couple of times when he would like to start getting ready for the weekend camping trip because we’re usually pretty early and he did not have a definitive plan. If you know Jason at all, you know that his not having a definitive plan was not shocking whatsoever. 😆 After watching some TV, Jason said “Hey baby, can I show you something in the basement?” I did not think anything of it and said “Yeah, but I gotta go to the bathroom first.” If you know me at all, this was not shocking whatsoever, either. But, I digress. When I finally made my way downstairs, Jason told me he had put some new songs on the jukebox for me. When I looked, all the slots were filled with titles of love songs and others reading, “Kinsey Jean Marie, Will You Marry Me?” When I turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee with the most perfect ring 💍 and the biggest smile on his face. Needless to say, I said “YES!” **Pictures of the proposal are on the website under the gallery tab**