Leilani & June

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June Kim


Leilani Beal


December 31, 2023

Bellevue, NE
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How We Met


May 29, 2022, marked the beginning of Leilani and June's story at their apartment's pool party. Despite living in the same complex, they really didn't know each other yet. Two weeks later, June became more than an acquaintance, supporting Leilani in moving before her deployment. Catching the flu and with no bed to sleep on after moving, June gallantly offered her a place to stay and took care of her, proving love could be found in unexpected places. Deployments, first Leilani's, then June's, tested their bond. Communication became their lifeline, turning FaceTime and calls into threads that strengthened their connection. As they stand on the brink of marriage, their journey speaks of resilience, love found in separation, and the unyielding commitment that has weathered the distances between them.

The Proposal


June orchestrated a memorable proposal for Leilani, beginning with a special evening. They started with dinner, a delightful evening that included Leilani's parents. Afterward, they returned to her parents' house, where a magical surprise awaited. While Leilani was distracted in conversation with her parents, June, alongside Katy, busily transformed the backyard into a haven of memories. Adorned with photos capturing moments throughout their relationship, the space was illuminated by the warm glow of candles, and a flickering firepit added to the enchantment. As Leilani entered into the backyard, the scene unfolded before her—a breathtaking panorama of their journey together. In that moment of surprise and awe, June seized the opportunity to profess his love and commitment. On bended knee, amidst the memories they had shared, he asked Leilani to marry him. The backyard, now transformed into a stage of love, witnessed the beginning of their next beautiful chapter together.

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