Kimberly & Sebastian



Sebastian Morales


Kimberly Alanya

September 26, 2024

Camarillo, CA
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How We Met

High school sweathearts

Sebastian and I basically owe our relationship to his childhood friend Paula. I played club soccer with Paula and she asked what high school I attended. I told her I went to Louisville High School. She replied saying one of her best friends Sebastian goes to Crespi High School. Sebastian and I went to a "brother and sister" school. It was inevitable our paths would cross ;)

The Proposal


It was December 17, 2022 and Sebastian and I had planned to go to Mastro's Steakhouse in Malibu. We arrived for an early reservation only for the hostess to seat us about 15 minutes after our set reservation time. Sebastian went to the hostess about two times to check on the status of when we would be seated, and I thought nothing of it. I even suggested to sit at the bar and have cocktails while we waited for them to seat us. Little did I know, Sebastian made plans for us afterwards. Dinner went great, we enjoyed the live music, the cocktails were yummy and the service was awesome. Once dinner was over, we had plans to attend a family friend's quincenera and we were dressed the part to do so. However, Sebastian said we had to rush over to his parent's home to help his mom with something. I thought to myself, could today be the day? No.. could it? I even checked my friend's phone location and they were all at home. As we approached his drive way, I noticed a car parked out front with their emergency lights one, and a group of people rushing inside of the home saying "GO GO GO". Thats when I knew that he would be proposing. As we got inside the home, I saw all of our closes friends and family in the living room waiting to share this special moment. In the middle of the room was a sign that said "engaged" with lights and balloons. Sebastian got one knee and asked me to marry him and I said YES. *cue tears* As we kissed, friends and family popped confetti cannons. We celebrated by dancing and drinking with everyone in the room.