Kimberly & Bailey

We’re getting married!







January 13, 2024

Merion Station, PA

Our story

After meeting in September 2021 by virtue of family friendships, Bailey reached out to Kimberly through social media since her brother Brandon refused to give him her number. Brandon told Bailey that he had to find her number himself. Sure enough he did just that and Kimberly couldn’t have been more happy that he did. Just 1 month of talking and Bailey asked Kimberly to be his girlfriend. He took her out to his family’s apple orchard for a weekend trip with friends and family. One night he asked her to go for a walk just the two of them. That’s where Bailey said that he wasn’t sure if he could do this long distance relationship, between Pennsylvania and Virginia, any longer unless they made it official. Kimberly was overjoyed. Bailey always knows how to make her feel so special!


February 2, 2023

The proposal happened in Snowshoe West Virginia on a ski trip with a close group of friends. The entire group knew Bailey was going to ask but he led Kimberly to believe the proposal was still months away. He did an excellent job of hiding it and building up the surprise. The two split up from the group so Bailey could get Kimberly alone. Then, on a slope at the edge of the mountain, Bailey got down on one knee and asked Kimberly to share a lifetime of adventures together. She eagerly said yes as she was dropping tears all over the ring. We are so excited for more adventures ahead!