Kimberli & Rogelio







September 16, 2023

Pasadena, TX

The story of how we met

Kids I'm going to tell you the story of how I met your mother...

My good friend Hugo was getting married, I was asked to take photos of his wedding. Little did he know, I had never photographed a wedding reception before (sorry bro) I snuck into the bridal lounge to capture the special moments for Catherine and thats when I saw Kimberli for the first time, she didn't notice me but I noticed her. She was standing there in a lilac dress and I had to ask around for who she was. I was very shocked to find out it was Hugos cousin.. I waited for the reception to pass in hopes that nobody would eventually accompany her. As the day came to an end I made my way to her table and asked her to dance. She told me " I don't really know how to dance" and I countered " I didn't ask you if you knew, I asked if you wanted to dance" We danced once and that day I left wanting to know more about her. We crossed paths again when she turned 21. I hosted her and our friends in Austin and had an opportunity to know her more. We were both drunk at a bar when I shared with her how I would propose to my future wife not knowing I was standing right in front of her. Our first time meeting together without our friend group was at Sycamore coffee house in Pasadena, I was really nervous to go but she had already told me flakes were her #1 pet peeve so I had to stay true to my word and go. We took things really slow in the begining because we had the family friend dynamic going on but eventually we said f*ck it and took a chance at love. And here we are, inviting all of you to our wedding.

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For all the days along the way
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