Kim & James

Forever Partners







April 29, 2023

Nashville, GA

How we started


Hey there! I want to explain exactly how this awesome relationship started. Both myself and Champ (James, Jamie, Champion, or what you may know him as) use to both work at Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office together. He was the one that always came running if something wasn’t right or if I just needed an extra hand. I could always depend on him to be by my side and wade through the worst calls with me. See, we were both in previous marriages and as those came to an end, I found our friendship had been placed on hold. On June 3rd, which happens to be his birthday, I received some devastating news. That news I won’t go into, but I hit my lowest of lows. I was at rock bottom. I turned to him to save me…. He did just that. He made sure I would make it to see one more day. After that day, we didn’t speak for a little bit. I thought my friend was gone. I was sad, mad, embarrassed. He had seen me so low and now, pooooof vanish…. He was gone. August rolls around and he sends me a messaging asking me to come over. So terrified and nervous, I said okay. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, from that day on, it was history. I pretty much never left! He showed me his strength as a man. A couple months after we started “dating” (too old for that, I know) my father unexpectedly passed away. He stood by my side, never leaving me to fight that battle alone. I have been so blessed since he came into my life. I cannot wait to leave this old name and become not only his wife, but his guaranteed best friend. To the man I’ll grow old with, I love you so much!

Wedding Pictures

If you would, if you have instagram, please tag and share all photos taken at the wedding and the reception. #ChampionWedding2023

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