Kiersten & Aleksi

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Kiersten Brophy


Aleksi Hieta

June 20, 2024

Novato, CA
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Our Story

Est. 01.10.2018

Kiersten and Aleksi first met in chemistry class during sophomore year of high school, and you guessed it, they had chemistry! They found each other once again just before their senior year at College Park High School. Kiersten and Aleksi instantly clicked just as they did previously. After growing closer as friends, it was clear this was a special connection they were building. Aleksi asked Kiersten out on a date after going camping with friends. After having the most amazing and random first date involving bagels, Jamba Juice, puppies, pumpkins, and stars, they made their relationship official on the 10th of January. At the six month mark, Kiersten went to Finland for two weeks with Aleksi's family. At the end of the summer just after their trip to Finland, Aleksi went off to attend college at Santa Barbara City College, and Kiersten moved to Oregon to attend college at Oregon State University. The pair did long distance for one year before Aleksi transferred to Oregon State University. Through this, their relationship grew stronger, and once they were in the same state again, it was clear they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

The Proposal


On the day of their 5 year anniversary, January 10th, Aleksi proposed at the northernmost tip of Finland. He had hired a professional photographer who took them on a snowshoe expedition, where at their destination lay a traditional Finnish tent. After starting a fire inside the tent shielded from the cold and snow, and drinking warm lingonberry juice, the two were escorted outside to take some photos in the dark amongst the trees and sky. It was then that Aleksi pretended to be turned back for a picture when Kiersten flipped around to see him down on one knee professing his love. It was the most magical trip, and one they will never forget.

Their Current Life

Flash forward to the present; both Kiersten and Aleksi are college graduates, and have moved back home to the Bay Area in California. They are now navigating their lives back where it all began, and are enjoying every step of wedding planning, including building this website.

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