Kiah & Adriano


We joyfully welcome you to celebrate with us


Kiah Amara Fischer


Adriano Araújo dos Reis Botega

June 17, 2023

Evanston, IL

Our Story

Dungeons & Dragons, global pandemics, and so much exploring

We met exactly as expected: both invited to play a campaign of the famed tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons in NYC. This coincidental nerd gathering led to a friendship that grew into a relationship. Through many shared loves of art, philosophy, family, travel, and a good Renaissance Faire, we found ourselves together. By the end of 2019, Dri was required to return to Brazil as he awaited his latest US visa. What was expected to be a brief farewell became a canceled trip to South America and a year long (minus 2 days!) separation, as the COVID-19 pandemic closed borders and US consulates bringing immigration to a full stop. What would have been a challenging year regardless became an intercontinental long-distance relationship marathon. Wonderfully, what it left us feeling when Dri was finally able to return, was that if we could conquer that, we could conquer anything together. One year later and in classic non-traditional style, we decided to get married! Kiah just asked. We made a pros and cons list. We laughed. We wanted a long term partnership, to be together, and to tackle the US immigration system so that we could easily spend time with both halves of our family. No white dress and fancy venue, we eloped in NYC with a forcibly small virtual guest list of only our parents for a 10 minute apartment lobby signing with a humorously salty officiant. We toasted at a wonderful Japanese restaurant with our friends who witnessed us knowing there was so much more to come. 21 months, dozens of campsites, both coasts of the US, and 1 greencard later, we are thrilled to begin celebrating with family this June!! Although nowhere near the standard format (we think we might get a ring in Brazil in 2024? Ask us then), we are so happy to be at the beginning of a lifelong journey. Thank you for joining and supporting us! Much love, Kiah and Dri