Jessica & Kevin


Kevin Cline


Jessica Coats

December 30, 2023

Dallas, TX

How We Met

Our church home, Watermark!

Kevin and Jess met about 8 years ago while Jess was on staff with Watermark Community Church, and Kevin was one of Jess' volunteers. They re-met again about 2 years ago when Jess came back on staff at Watermark, and even though Jess was working on a completely different team, Kevin was one of her volunteers again! Kevin asked Jess out on a date a little over a year ago, and now here we are!

The Proposal


On their one year anniversary of dating, Kevin had set up a nice dinner at Reunion Tower, but it was a Wednesday night, so Jess thought nothing of it. Going to a nice restaurant was something Jess and Kevin normally did and they had talked about eating at Reunion Tower almost four months prior. They have a nice dinner, reminisce about a year of dating, then Jess asks if they're going anywhere afterwards, and Kevin, not wanting to give anything away, says "no, we're good." So Jess proceeds to order dessert and decaf coffee and just take her time, while Kevin knows they have somewhere to be at a certain time. Eventually, they end up leaving after waiting in a long line at the bathroom and then waiting in a long time for the elevator of Reunion Tower. Jess wonders why Kevin asked for the check so early, and why he seems a little stressed when the paid parking arm won't let them out of the parking lot. Again, Jess thinks nothing of it, but is just along for the ride. Once they exit the highway, Jess gets suspicious as they start driving towards the church, but not wanting to get her hopes up, she just thinks they are going on an adventure since they're celebrating their one year of dating! They get out of the car, and Kevin tells Jess about how much she means to him and why he wanted to get engaged at Watermark, where they first met. Kevin then popped the question and Jess said "Yes, of course!" A few days later they had their larger engagement party with friends and family! We're so thankful for everyone who has been apart of our relationship so far, and we're excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in Dallas on December 30th!

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