Grace Weisbecker


Kevin Yusko

September 2, 2023

Ithaca, NY

Our Story

A match made online!

Kevin and Grace met the Millennial way - online! Grace was getting ready to give up on online dating, but a friend (shoutout to Bridesman Ryan) convinced her to give it one more try. Like it was meant to be (Hallmark couldn't have done it any better) - the next morning, Kevin showed up in her matches on Hinge, and Grace thought he was cute so she sent him a compliment. They joked around, and because Grace was expecting to have a crazy busy week, they agreed to meet that same day (thanks Kevin for moving laundry day!). And despite Grace's crazy schedule, we saw each other every single day that week (even accidentally once at the grocery store - thanks Tops employee who ran all over the store for Grace for basil!). That date ended up lasting nearly 10 hours, Kevin proposed (jokingly, but he'll never live it down), and we both felt like it was too good to be true. Well - turns out it wasn't too good to be true! We quickly settled in together, alongside with blending our pets (partially COVID to blame, but also when you know you know), and the rest is history! Kevin proposed on the day we closed on our house, making a wonderful day just unforgettable. We are so excited to have you here to celebrate our love with us!