Kevin & DeVona

    Kevin and DeVona
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A night you wont forget

Kevin Sims II


Devona Hogan


June 8, 2024

St. Louis, MO
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The day he popped the question and I said “YES”

Our Chance at Real Love

On July 16 th , I got a phone call from A friend that I had known for about six years or more. He called to say hello and to say that he knew someone who reminded him of me and thought we would be good together, if not together then good friends in life. So I told him to go ahead and exchange my number with him. May be a day or two later I still hadn’t heard from the guy thinking that it was a total flop. So my friend hit me up I let him know that I hadn’t heard from him ( now my fiancée) he told me to hang out by my phone and he would call me back so he ended up calling Kevin and fussing at him for not calling me yet lol. And that same night he called and we stayed up for three hours almost talking about everything under the moon laughing together and just getting to know each other and from then on we haven’t been able to separate and spend a day without one another.

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