Kevilin & Dominic



Kevilin Dos Reis Santos


Dominic Di Domenico

August 5, 2024

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Dear Family and Friends, We are getting married! We are so excited to celebrate this day with you all. We are planning a VERY fun day (but a week, honestly) and we are thrilled that you will join us at our upcoming destination wedding in the beautiful city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. This vibrant and colorful city is not only a popular tourist destination but also Kevilin's hometown. As we currently reside in the U.S., we are especially grateful for those who will be traveling from afar to celebrate with us. Please continue to check this website to be updated and find all the information you need about our wedding celebration, including travel details, accommodations, and our love story. We can't wait to see you all in Salvador! Please check the menu for other information.

But aren't you already married?

Sometimes life requires us to do things in unconventional ways. Even though this was not our preferred way, due to legal requirements, we had to obtain our marriage license before the actual wedding date. While this means we are already legally married, we both consider our wedding day in Salvador to be the official start of our married life together. We have always thought of this as an engagement and we cannot wait to exchange our personal vows in front of our loved ones.

How we Met

Our Love Story

It's a modern fairy tale, really. Two skeptics found each other on Tinder. Encouraged by friends to give online dating a try, they swiped right and connected through endless texting. Finally, they took the plunge and met in person, where they discovered an undeniable connection between them. Through the ups and downs of cross-cultural dating, they made it to this momentous occasion: a wedding in the bride's hometown of Salvador, Brazil. Who would have guessed that a simple right swipe could lead to happily ever after?

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