June 14, 2021
Oregon City, OR

Keri & Samuel


Time to Celebrate!

Samuel Jenne


Keri Tegtmeier


Oregon City


June 14


How We Met

Early 2020

We met on a boat at Niagara falls while on a mission trip to Alaska. In a freak accident the boat plunged over the falls. We managed to grab the same piece of debris. Our eyes locked. Keri knew in that moment her destiny was to be with Sam and proposed on the spot! Again, fate was at work. Sam had a family heirloom ring in his pocket. Sam slid it on her finger as he slid under the water. In a panic Keri called out for help! The EMS services were already on site and were able to recover Sam's body from the water almost immediately. Keri began a passionate mouth to mouth session and Sam eventually started breathing again. That was when he realized his dream of converting to be an Inuit Indian was misguided and he should move to Oregon. If you got this far you're likely confused. COVID has us longing for a bit more excitement in our lives... We met in March of 2020 just before the lockdown through a dating site. Neither of us had good opportunities to meet new people without it. After making it through the lockdown and connecting on Instagram, we met again in July (for lunch on the 8th). We've been cruising ever since! Getting take out and eating in the car, going for long drives and making more video calls than we ever dreamed.

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For all the days along the way
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