Kenza & Edek


We're Getting Married!


Edek Williams


Kenza Martin

September 7, 2023

London, England

Our Story

First comes middle school English class, then comes marriage!

In 8th grade, Edek and Kenza's paths converged in Mrs. Harrington's English Honors class. As they embarked on their academic journey together, little did they know that their connection would transcend the classroom and shape their lives in unexpected ways. Growing up in New York, they lived close to each other, leading to shared classes and a budding friendship throughout middle and high school. However, as they moved on to college and beyond, their communication dwindled. In 2015, Kenza left New York and eventually settled in Los Angeles. Four years later, while scrolling through social media, she stumbled upon Edek's profile and discovered that he had relocated to San Francisco. Seizing the opportunity to reconnect, Kenza reached out, and their casual meeting soon blossomed into something more, and they found themselves embarking on a romantic journey together. A few months into their rekindled relationship, they received the joyful news that Kenza was pregnant. Together, they embraced the joys and challenges of raising their child for the past two and a half years. The topic of marriage had often crossed their minds, and they eventually decided to tie the knot. With a desire for an intimate affair, they chose to elope. They considered various destinations but ultimately settled on London where Kenza's grandparents we married 64 years ago. They couldn't secure the exact church or date as Kenza's grandparents, but they found a meaningful location at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. They hope to honor Kenza's family history by incorporating some recreated photographs into their wedding celebration. In May, they decided to turn their elopement into a wedding and celebrate their union in the presence of their closest family and friends. Feeling grateful for their strong support system and wanting to share this milestone with their loved ones surrounded by their loved ones and making their day even more meaningful and memorable. Edek and Kenza are looking forward to exchanging their vows and embarking on this new chapter of their lives. They were grateful for the love and support they had received and were excited to create beautiful memories together as they officially joined their lives in matrimony.

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