Kennisha & Quinton











June 10


Our Love Story

Ten years ago, May 2012. I was in Blush Nightclub in Buffalo, New York, Having a great time with friends, I asked the bartender for another round for me and my friends. As I waited, a handsome guy from across the room caught my attention as we locked eyes. And that point he nick named me (Eyez), it was if in that moment our souls connected because he (Quinton) came over, introduced himself and we began to converse. While me and my cousin waited for our drinks, I told her “If he don’t buy these drinks, he won’t be getting my number”. Thankfully, for his sake he unknowingly chose wisely, paid for the drinks, got my number and then, proceeded to steal my heart. As we began to casually date, I fell for his sense of humor and charm, while he was taken by my sweet and giving nature. However, as we know sometimes the most beautiful things in life must fall apart before they can come back together. We decided to go our separate ways, But as true love would have it, fate kept getting in the way, continuing to cross paths over the years. So eventually it was only natural to give our connection a second chance. What we soon realized was that our connection had the potential to last a lifetime. God blessed us beyond measure. We both knew that this time was different . It was obvious that our destiny had been right in front of us the whole time. Of course he eventually asked me to move to Charlotte and we would start our lives together. But he also had another surprise for me, while spending a simple night at home, He popped the question, asking me to be his love for a lifetime I was shocked, I was filled with pure bliss, of course said, “Yes!” the best part of all. I finally got the best friend I always wanted and from that moment forward I knew he was never going to let me slip away again. Family and friends, wedding day is around the corner! We are excited to announce we will be tying the knot at Le Meridien Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 10, 2023! We look forward to having all the people we love most together to celebrate with us, as we forever intertwine our lives through marriage. Please keep your eyes out for our formal wedding invitation via email coming later this year. If you need to make hotel accommodations or travel plans, it is best to plan in advance. See you all on the dance floor!

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