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April 27, 2024

Mount Joy, PA
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A Long-Awaited Day

The fellowship has gathered. The ring has been found. The wedding is upon us. We are so excited to celebrate our love with all of our favorite people. This is the day we have been waiting for our entire lives. We have come a long way to get here. We have faced many challenges, but we have found each other. Now we stand together, ready to face the future. Join us on this epic journey as we say, "I do" and begin our #HapLilleyEverAfter.

How we met

He Said/She Said

When you are a guy, living by your own rules, with two dogs, and a standing weekly game night as the perpetual Dungeon Master, it may seem like you have it all, but something still seems missing, incomplete. It was supposed to be nothing more than testing the waters, so when a meetup was scheduled, and unfortunately cancelled due to a last second visit from an out-of-town friend celebrating the start of his marriage, it just felt like this might just be two ships passing in the night. If you know anything about him, you know how stubborn he can be when it comes to letting things go. It took a couple of weeks for him to build up the courage to reach out again, but taking full responsibility for the missed connection, he threw a hail Mary and scored a second chance. There may not have been any clouds in the sky, but she brought the sunshine. It all "Hinges" on that first introduction. When you're brought together by a Nobel-Prize-winning algorithm, then it must be love, right? Neither one of them were expecting #HapLilleyEverAfter when they planned their first meeting through a dating app over two years ago. Kenna was even less hopeful when their first planned date ended up in a last minute cancellation due to "an out-of-town friend visiting." When they finally met, early that morning May 1st, 2021, it was their second attempt at a first date, but as fate would have it, it would be the last first date either of them would have. What started out as an early morning stroll through the Saturday farmer's market, turned into a full day of beer, wine and sunshine. She couldn't get over how tall he was, towering over her at an impressive 6'3" but she soon found that his intelligence and adoration for his dogs and loved ones were even more endearing qualities. After a fantastic day at the farmers market, axe throwing, whitewater rafting, wine tastings, transcontinental travels, and many other adventures, this wedding is the logical conclusion to a beautiful prequal to the rest of our lives. She may need to collect a few more D20's, and he still needs to master the settlement of Cataan, but they look forward to building that future together.

The Proposal

This story is based on true events. Some events may have been SLIGHTLY fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

The trip was meant to be a magical reprieve from the stress and concerns they left at home, but it started as anything but. An extended weekend getaway trip was planned to visit Disneyland and California Adventure. The departing flights were delayed due to fog and inclement weather, and after an hour long drive to another airport they finally made it to California, 8 hours after initially intended. Tired and ready to get to the hotel to prepare for an early start at the parks the following morning, they waited at the baggage claim carousel only to find out that Kenna's luggage had not made it onto the plane (even though Justin's luggage made it without any issue). They were told that the luggage would likely make it later that evening and would be delivered to the hotel, though the truth is that the luggage would not arrive until two days later, after making its own trip to Hawaii and back to Seattle before being reunited with Kenna 3 days into the trip. Kenna was more than a little disappointed not to have her luggage, containing her planned outfits, make up, and toiletries, but most importantly, her walking shoes for their full day at the Disneyland Adventure parks. While the next day was one to remember, it was cut shorter than planned due to Kenna's feet giving out in the inappropriate footwear she was forced to wear from the day before. It was both Justin and Kenna's first time at Disney Land and they were determined to make the most of it, even if that meant Kenna getting rolled out of the park in a wheelchair by the end of the night. The following day, tired and sore, Justin and Kenna met up with Kenna's family for a Pirate Adventure show. During the show, Kenna was asked to take part in a portion of the entertainment where she was more than happy to make a complete fool of herself. This provided the proper distraction and left her unsuspecting by the end of the show. She found herself on the deck of the pirate ship with Justin on one knee and saying "i do" in front of a crowd of people to the most wonderful treasure of all. Kenna was later indoctrinated into the pirate crew and sailed the 7 seas before returning to the land of Walla's to claim her treasure.