Kendra & Phoenix

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Phoenix Moller


Kendra MacLeod

July 18, 2024

Harrison Mills, BC
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How We Met


We met in middle school. Kendra (the studious "buzzkill" of the class) was very unfortunately placed next to Phoenix (a sweaty, bowl-cut-clad boy who never failed to stop talking) in the first seating arrangement of their 6th year. Due to the fact that he would distract any other student with his stories, jokes, and football demos, this seating plan became a yearly occurrence that continued until covid (despite Kendra's many requests for seating changes). This arrangement started an unlikely friendship. Year 6 Phoenix helped Kendra with her wood-shop projects (since she didn't think that a picture ledge was worth losing a finger over) and year 10 Kendra helped Phoenix with his when he broke his arm. In year 12, we drove the only Jeeps in their grad class, which, according to Phoenix, made us the only members of a non-existent club: "the Jeep Gang" *eye roll*. This all came to a halt when covid hit. Over lockdown, we reconnected over a few walks and hikes, and moved to Victoria together in the fall of 2021. You know the rest of the story.

The Proposal


After a last minute trip to Salt Spring, following a closure of Hwy 4 and the cancellation of our much-anticipated Tofino trip, Phoenix plans a back-up proposal and tells NO ONE. After four days of exploring the island (and carrying a bulky ring box around), Phoenix convinces everyone (Kendra, Raven, Riley, Cindy and Pat) to go on yet another walk for sunset. He proceeds to pick up Theodore (the bun) and leads Kendra down the beach (read: away from the people and towards a Porta-Potty at the end of the beach). After handing Theodore to Kendra, Phoenix proceeds with a monologue of "You know how much I love you" and "I would do anything for you" to which she considers and responds "I can watch Theo if you need to use the bathroom". Phoenix looks confused, laughs (this is not an unusual occurrence or monologue), and then nervously pulls a chunky box from his pocket and awkwardly gets on one knee. I said yes. See you in Harrison!