Kendra & Landon


Landon DuPont


Kendra Wood

June 17, 2023

Middleburgh, NY
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Our Story

Where it all began: Back in the 2000s... When Landon was in middle school, Kendra was probably in first grade (LOL). The memories start on the school bus. (Landon remembers far more than Kendra) He remembers the moments of Kendra and her sister Jenna getting dropped off at the end of their road by their dad to meet the bus every day…. Fast forward twenty years: Landon caught Kendra's eye on Instagram. So much so that she asked a friend for his Snapchat username (so romantic, I know, shout out to Jake McAdoo). Kendra clicked "add friend," and Landon responded with, "Kendra Wood, I'm assuming?" From that moment, it’s history, and they have never gone a day without talking. It's funny how life works out when you meet the love of your life – it’s when you least expect it. When they started talking, Landon and Kendra knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. It was very quickly that they realized that they shared the same goals and morals as one, and it clicked that everything in their pasts happened for a reason to, lead them to one another. Before meeting for the "first time" in person, Landon and Kendra talked on the phone for hours on end throughout the night without any silence. The next day, at a family sleigh riding gathering, Landon pulled up to Kendra on his snowmobile, took his gloves off, shook her hand, and said, "Hey, I'm Landon.” That is what they classify as their "first date," a snowmobile ride. Snowmobiling quickly became their thing to do together. From the first "date" to now, Kendra and Landon have been inseparable; and have shared many memories with their families and friends. They can’t wait for us to come together and continue to make memories of celebrating their wedding day with all their extended family and friends.