Update: In light of COVID-19, we wanted to let you know our wedding is going forward as planned. If you’re no longer able to attend, we completely understand. You can update your RSVP anytime on our site, and we wish you health and safety during this difficult time.
Update: In light of COVID-19, we wanted to let you know our wedding is going forward as planned. If you’re no longer able to attend, we completely understand. You can update your RSVP anytime on our site, and we wish you health and safety during this difficult time.
May 16, 2021
Dallas, Texas

Kendra & Javen

    Carter-Anderson Wedding Party

Carter-Anderson Wedding Party

Meet Our Family & Friends who will walk down the aisle with us. We would not be here with out their Love and Support!

Javen Anderson


Dopest Guy on this earth 🌎! Kendra'S Boaz.

Kendra Carter


Queen 👑 . Periodt and Goodbye

Ja'Reon Anderson

Best Man

My son..my best man. You came into my life and made it better from day one..that's why you are my Day 1.

Lanae Barnes

Matron of Honor

They say in life you have "That Person". She is that for me. God gave us each other. The best Auntie to my kids, the Ying to my yang ☯️. Couldn't ask for a better sister-cousin-friend.

Kyndra Tyler

Maid of Honor

Best friend since the 7th grade. She my rider, my lil buttercup 💛

Damon Petry Jr.

Man of Honor

My first love, my sonshine will be walking me down the aisle. It was just me and him against the world for a long time. He birth has molded me into the woman and mother I am today.

Nikki Abner-Hicks


Knowing the bride over 20+ and one of the realist friends ever! If solid had a face lol 💪

Derrick Pointer


Derrick Pointer...you always there for me bro..whether it's just somebody to listen or to try to give positive advice...I know you gon tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. Love ya for that.

Cynthia Hawkins-Waters


Best cousin of the Bride

Byron Bennett


Byron Bennett....we been in it for a minute..my brother from another mother we share a bond that can never be broken Aries Nation stand up..thank you for always staying positive even when I was in a dark space..all Love mane.

Laquisa Hill


I changed her life in the 8th grade when she met a friend like me. She been stuck with me ever since. My sister!!!!

Mondrae Anderson


My lil Bro Drae..its always ride or die no matter what...God gave me the best lil bro in the world..we never fight..never argue and I don't take that for granted..Love you forever pimpin

D'Antoinette Curry


My lil cousin, my mini Dee foreal! love her!!!

Fred Anderson


Fred Anderson Jr..you are my cousin but we rock like brothers..I never have to question if you have my back...we ride for each other til the wheels fall off...I'll never take our bond for granted. Love you cuz

Chenikqua "Tiny" Agers-Petry


Sister-love. Periodt ❤️

Cedric Matthews


Your dad and my popaw were best friends so of course we were too! Been knowing you since I was 5yrs old. You have always protected me like a big brother and I will always love you and cherish that! Kushla 4life !!!!

Lisa Eubanks


My forever friend periodt and goodbye!

Rodney Hicks


Married to my crazy forever friend Nikki, he is a brother to me, uncle to my kids and just down to earth cool ass dude.

Yoketa Johnson


Blood couldn't make us any closer. The one thing Debra kay did right. linking us together ❤

Darryl Houston


Only dude I like from Louisiana lol 😆. Married to my bf Nicole and just a laid back tell it like it is dude

Tretisha Scott


When you find your very first best friend in kindergarten you keep them. And that's exactly what I did.... Love this lady

Dionel Waters


Brides cousin-inlaw married to Cynthia Hawkins-Waters. He is very smart 🤓 and responsible. We need one of him in this group of iggggnants lol 😆 Oh yeah, He a professor, Dr.,principal, author, the list goes on...

Nicole Houston


My turn up potna! Will ride with me till the wheels fall off. She is kind,she is smart, she is important!.

Christopher Curry


Chris is a childhood friend of the groom. When the groom went by "pork chop". Please don't ask why lol. He is also Married to my cousin Dee. Been in my family forever. Cool dude and swag on point 👌

Nicole Howard


Ginuwine and kindle spirit. Instant connection as if we had known each other all our lives. Has my best interest at heart ❤. And she bet not have no brothers ( inside joke lol 😆)..

Kevyn Jackson


My very on Big brother from the same Mother! God knew exactly what he was doing when he brought you back into my life my freshman year in high school. It's like we never even missed 15yrs. I love you with my whole heart ❤ "Mary"

Kayla Ervin

Princess of bride

Amazing daughter of the bride

Darrick Bell


Darrick is a exceptional person. positive attitude, great personality and married to my fine fine homegirl Tasha Bell. 😜

Tegan Barnes

Flower Girl

One of my beautiful twin God daughters ❤

Sarae Anderson

Princess of the Groom

Sarae my beautiful daughter...from the moment you were born I've felt like heaven lost a gem and it landed in my lap...I love your character and sense of humor..you are my reason...I Love you bunny rabbit..

Zoey Barnes

Flower Girl

My zesty Zoey! The other beautiful twin God daughter

August Richardson

Ring sheriff/bell ringer

August is a lil big boy full of joy!

Kynnedy Tyler

Flower Girl

My other Goddaughter with a fiesty attitude! She my sour patch kid! love her to pieces. Black cookie 🍪 here she come lol 😆

Mondrae Anderson Jr.

Ring Bearer

Drae Drae...you don't really get down with everybody but you get down with me...you are truly one of the reasons the world's future looks bright..Love you lil zombie killa. Uncle Jae

Nylah Scott

Flower Child

Little cousin/niece of the groom, and my lil broke best friend ❤💜

Jamerson Curry

Bell Ringer

My sweet and handsome little cousin

Jacinda Meadors


Playa Partners for life!

Shan Johnson


Playa Partners for life!