Kelsey & Chad


About Dang Time!!

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Chad Contois


Kelsey Middlemas

October 26, 2024

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How We Met


We went to school together, ran in different crowds. Rarely talked but I have since remembered that there was a day our junior year that we spent some time together and even have pictures together. He found me on a dating app and messaged me " Hey i know you". Thats where this crazy amazing ride began.

The Proposal


I had just gotten home from vacation with my family. I was working on unpacking some and he asked if I had Mexican while I was gone and I said nope. He then asked if I wanted Mexican, I said yep. Went and ate dinner and conversations happen while we were eating about how we would have to be married to do something and he says, "well I can change that". I just said, "yeah ok whatever". We got done eating, went out the truck and said he was offended and i said "what for?" He says, "about me being able to change it." I said "umm ok" I was extremely confused and had no clue what was happening. He then proceeded to pull the ring box out of his truck door. I thought he was just messing with me at first and to my surprise it was real, and he asked me to marry him. I cried, we laughed, and I SAID YES!!! Best night of my life by far.