Keiashia & Gary

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November 11, 2023

Montego Bay

Our Love Story

It all started 7 years ago in Chicago, IL. Gary was invited to attend an event at his Best Man, Phillip Sinclair’s art gallery (NYCH ART GALLERY). Coincidentally, Keiashia was also invited to attend this event by her Sorority sister Kaliah which was Phillip’s intern at the time. As Gary arrived at the event, he couldn’t help but notice Keiashia. Keiashia and Kaliah were talking when Phillip came and introduced Gary to Keiashia. He tried to keep it cool but he was definitely intrigued by Keiashia. The two engaged in small talk over drinks throughout the night. After the event at the gallery ended he invited her to come to an after party at Bevy for a Nostalgic night of 90s hip hop and R&B! Towards the end of the night Gary built up the courage to finally approach Keiashia and ask for her number. He really did charm her and was the perfect gentleman in his approach. They exchanged numbers and Gary asked if he could take her out to dinner. The next day they enjoyed dinner at Ruth Chris. During dinner they talked and laughed the whole time. The conversation flowed so naturally as if they had known each other their whole lives. Since then, the two have been inseparable. Traveling the world together as not only lovers but also as best friends. Traveling is such a big part of their relationship. They have traveled to some amazing places such as Mexico, Dubai, and Bali to name a few. “Our first ever vacation as a couple was right here in Montego Bay, Jamaica at Secrets resort! It was here when we said I love you! That’s why having our wedding in Jamaica is so special and sentimental to us! It brings our union full circle to where our love for one another 1st began!”

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