Kealoha & Pomai

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October 18, 2023

Waianae, HI

Our Story

Pomai and Kealoha met at Kapolei Highschool as freshmen in 2015. They were seated next to each other in English class as well as Social Studies. They began an on and off sort of friendship throughout the year, but began talking more during the summer and after freshman year when Pomai moved schools. Pomai and Kea grew closer as they spoke more and realized they had a lot in common which triggered a liking towards one another. They became close friends which sprung into a relationship. Fast forward to 2019, the couple graduates high school. Kealoha leaves to attend college at the University of Dayton in Ohio, and Pomai enlists in the United States Air Force and leaves for basic training a year later. Being in a long distance relationship was difficult for them, but they made do where they could. Kealoha would fly down to Louisiana where Pomai was stationed and visit during her breaks. They would also see each other when they went back home for Christmas. In the early winter of 2022, Pomai proposed to Kealoha on November 20th at the Bluegrass Trails, Mountainview, Arkansas. 4 years have passed and it's time for Kea to graduate college. Pomai and Kealoha's parents fly up to Ohio to see her graduate Cum Laude with a bachelor of science in pre medicine. With Kealoha's schooling done and degree acquired, and Pomai with a start on his military career, they can now officially start their wedding planning process. The wedding date set on their 7th anniversary, October 18th 2023.

to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

Celebrate our 7th anniversary with us as we begin our new chapter as husband and wife! We cannot wait to spend this special day with you.

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