August 24, 2019

Kaylyn & Randy

    The Nuptials:
Ornate DecorationOrnate DecorationOrnate DecorationOrnate DecorationOrnate DecorationOrnate Decoration

Randy Doeden


Kaylyn Pender

August 24


I Just Wanna Be, Wanna Bewitch You in the Moonlight.

We met at Dempsey's in Fargo a few weeks before Kaylyn moved up to the Fargo area. She was going out to have drinks with a friend, and Randy felt he just HAD to be downtown that night. We met, we danced, he bought Kaylyn tacos. Our friendship blossomed into love after a few months. Shortly after we became official, the discovery that Kaylyn was expecting our daughter changed our lives. Our love grew stronger, and watching Randy become the father he is today cemented that love. We could not imagine our lives without one another, loving and experiencing life and its hurdles without each other is unfathomable. Our love is a Tale as Old as Time, and we would love for our friends and family to join in celebrating our union in any way they wish. And we shall dance.

For all the days along the way
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