July 18, 2021
Idaho falls, Idaho

Kaylena & Cody

    Kaylena and Cody

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Cody Crawford


Kaylena Grover

Idaho falls


July 18


How we met

Moments to remember

Cody and Kaylena’s love story began in February 2014. A mutual friend from high school set them up on a blind date. The date did not start off well for Cody. After opening up the car door for Kaylena, he proceeded to make his way to the driver's seat. While walking in front of the car he tripped, falling on his face. Although traumatizing for Cody, it was a moment to remember. Since then there have been many fun and memorable moments for the couple. They are more than excited to start their new journey together as husband and wife.

How he proposed

Cody proposed July 30th, 2020. He was still preparing for the night when Kaylena arrived home early from work. He quickly told her to go get ready for a night out. While she was distracted, Cody quickly hid love poems around the house. The poems would eventually take Kaylena on a scavenger hunt. When Kaylena was almost done getting ready she found one of the poems. Cody hastily grabbed it from her, and thought “What should I do now?” He was able to convince her it was a fun game he had planned later in the night. However, Kaylena knew something was up. Later that night Cody told Kaylena he had a scavenger hunt planned for her. As Kaylena counted down with her eyes closed, Cody ran away to hide. Kaylena’s eyes opened to a note and rose in her hand. The note was a poem that led to others around the house. The final one saying, ‘come outside, I have something to ask you.” While this was happening Cody was preparing for the biggest question of his life. He had music playing in the background, but he didn’t like the song playing at the time. When Cody skipped the song a Taco Bell commercial came on. He panicked….but a great song finally started playing right before Kaylena walked out. Kaylena was greeted by Cody under a tree lit up in lights. She was confused at first, mostly because Cody’s phone was awkwardly sitting on an old chair recording them. After talking for a minute Cody dropped to one knee and the rest is history.

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