Due to policy changes, we are no longer using Honeyfun for our honeymoon fund. We will be using Zola Featured Funds instead. You can RSVP here or by mail. Dont forget to look at the FAQ section ♥️
Due to policy changes, we are no longer using Honeyfun for our honeymoon fund. We will be using Zola Featured Funds instead. You can RSVP here or by mail. Dont forget to look at the FAQ section ♥️

Kayla & Joseph

    The Journey of Us
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Forever & Always






October 13, 2024

Jerome, ID
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How We Met


We met while we were working in the same location. He had this hole in his back pocket that showed his bum. I pulled him aside and told him that his bum was sticking out and he giggled and said “ thanks for looking.” (She left out the part where the hole was not a small hole it was a very LARGE hole and I had chose not to wear underwear that day! Im still surprised she was even brave enough to say anything! ) We both shared a laugh and have been friends ever since. Fast forward through all our questionable choices for 5 years and we finally get to the year of 2018 when he sincerely asked me out. It was a hit. Hands down the best date ever! We still laugh about to this day.

The Proposal


Joe can tell the story I remember this well! I had put a ring on layaway and had one more payment to make to pick it up. I had driven to Jerome to pick up Kayla so we could spend the day together in twin. I was going to swing by the mall leave her in the car and pickup the ring. I had this grand plan in my head to take her on a walk or somewhere and propose but I’m such a “planner” I was winging it. By the time I had picked up the ring my excitement got the best of me and I asked her right there in the car! She just stared at me for what felt like years and finally asked me if I was for real. She just kept asking if I was sure. She asked probably ten times before she finally said yes!!!

Our Special Blend

After our engagement, the world shut down. Of course we had to create more chaos by joining households. We needed to. We were forced to homeschool our kids, we got laid off, so the best option was to expedite our time line. By the end of the extended spring break, we were a house of seven. We made the best of everything and blended quickly, not perfectly, but perfectly imperfect. On August 22, 2020, we celebrated our engagement at the La Quinta Inn in Twin Falls, Idaho. We gathered with our family and friends to celebrate, laugh and capture great moments. At that time we were talking about a September wedding in 2021. As the pandemic continued into 2021, we decided that it would be a better choice to wait it out. We already had to make a few hard choices due to the pandemic and what was best for our family. All the while, planning for a June wedding in 2022. We realized that our focus needed to switch to our kids. They were struggling with the blend, in turn, so were we. So shifting the focus inward, we invented family bonding strategies to making our relationships stronger. The year 2022, was our year for family growth, new careers and it produced a stronger union of our special blend. With the end of the pandemic in 2023, we started to talk about the wedding in small pieces. We both were hesitant in opening that box again. After three years of waiting, debating and protecting the health of our families and friends, we are making it happen! Just the way we want it this time! Dont worry, there will be no judgement if you still want to wear a mask. It wouldn’t be a Special Blend without these kids. Our union ceremony will hold a special moment just for our kiddos. After all, they are the blend that makes us special. Even if we are a bunch of Heathens!

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For all the days along the way
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