Katye & Andy

We are getting married!!!

Watercolor Highlight




October 7, 2023

Chattanooga, TN

How We Met

We met in August 2022 and had a spectacular lunch date on a Friday. Andy pursued me so well.. he wooed me with sweet dates, flowers, and toys for Murphy! We quickly knew this was a God ordained relationship and one we wanted to pursue with the goal of marriage. We spent several months getting to know each other, falling in love, and slowly merging our lives. We learned how to merge dogs, busy work schedules, Katye being on call, and studying for boards! In February 2023, we went hiking and Andy popped THE question to which Katye quickly said "it would be my greatest privilege to marry you!". We are joyfully enjoying this engagement season and grateful for all the Lord has done in our relationship and in our lives through the other. We are excited to celebrate our wedding and also marriage with each of you!