Katie & Kyle


Kyle Imlay


Katie Bishop

November 4, 2023

Dayton, OH
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How we met


Katie & Kyle met on Bumble in 2017 and decided to just be friends. In summer of 2018 Kyle reached out to Katie and the two began spending a lot of time together. Kyle would bring over wine and snacks and the rest is history.

We got a dog!


Ever since being together Katie always joked that she wanted to get a puppy before getting married. Then came Sharon! The couple received a golden retriever, schnauzer, mutt mix and she quickly became the sweetest member of the family.


October 28th, 2023

On October 28th Kyle asked Katie to marry him! Katie went to Aldis to purchase ingredients for that nights dinner. Little did she know that she was coming home to a proposal! Kyle then surprised Katie (again) by taking her to Chappy’s (the restaurant where they had their first date) where close friends and family were waiting to celebrate!