Katherine & Will



Will Carpenter


Katherine Bennett

February 2, 2024

Nemo, TX
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Where We Met

June 2021

Oakley's Bar in Waco, Texas. Will noticed Katherine talking with someone he knew and saw this as the perfect opportunity for an introduction! Very quickly, Will asked for Katherine's phone number. Will and Katherine texted each day the following week, identifying a lot of mutual friends and shared interests. Will asked Katherine on a date. Katherine remembers a friend asking what she wanted to do after the dinner date. Katherine was thinking, "probably something with Will", expecting the date to go well and not wanting to part ways afterward which is exactly how it went... They continued going on dates throughout the summer, combining their friend groups, and making great memories!

The Proposal

June 2023

I (Katherine) was under the impression we were going to dinner with friends. Our friends were "running late" to dinner, so we made a pit stop at one of our favorite downtown spots, Waco's historic Suspension Bridge. Will pointed out some beautiful crape myrtles on the sidewalk below the bridge and before I could turn back around, Will had lowered to one knee, and proposed! We went to dinner just the two of us and I thought that would be the end of the evening. Will had planned a very thoughtful surprise celebration at a really neat mid-century modern home that I have always admired. I was so surprised!

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